Tradition und Innovation

The partnership of the engineering companies "OVM" Oskar von Miller GmbH and "ECH" Energieconsulting Heidelberg International GmbH, known as OVM/ECH Consulting Engineers, stands for "pioneer work and modern ingenuity" as initiated by its founder Oskar von Miller.

A forerunner in the field of applied electro-technology, the engineer Oskar von Miller was
a visionary with a distinctive conviction who fought for his lifetime work - the wiring of all Bavaria with electrical energy.

In 1891 he founded the engineering office "Technisches Büro Oskar von Miller" as an independent company of engineering consultants which soon took on the leading position in the electric wiring of Germany and neighboring countries. Later, the company extended its activities on to Asia, Africa and the Arabic area.

Besides his achievements as an engineer, Oskar von Miller is also known for his other contributions to society: e.g. as founder of the "Deutsche Museum" (German Museum) in Munich, Germany.

Since 1973 the manufacture-independent engineering company - with specialized know-
ledge in all fields of energy and environmental technology - has been a leading partner for public and industrial contractors, both foreign and domestic, for the areas consulting, planning, design and construction engineering.

The ability to recognize opportunities and transpose them innovatively has become a trademark of ECH - currently, for example, to a great extent in the field of regenerative energy.

OVM and ECH have been engineering partners since 1998 and active in the most versatile areas of engineering. They have company locations in Munich and Heidelberg.

In 2004 our businessactivities were reorganised and Energieconsulting Heidelberg International GmbH and Consulting Engineers Oskar von Miller GmbH were restructered.