Globalization, climate change, pollution, decreasing resources - factors that have a decisive impact on the future of mankind. No country in the world can ignore this development!

At this time in age when internet, worldwide competition and the opening of energy markets reign, custom-made solutions are at a demand - solutions which presuppose that all relevant factors and guidelines have been given appropriate consideration. Economy, resource conservation and environment protection are to be given careful consideration so future development is not impaired in any way.

The standards and guidelines of a less developed country are, to a certain extent, signifi-
cantly different from those applying to an industrial country. For this reason, it is neces-
sary that not only specialized know-how is available, but also that a certain instinct exists for recognizing the special individual needs of a country.

Consequently, our actual performance areas are supplemented by consulting services, e.g. for:

the privatization of state-operated companies
financing of modernization and new building measures
development and support of energy efficiency agencies and regulation offices
reorganization and enhancement of efficiency for energy supply companies and city     works departments
training measures in all areas of energy supplying and of environmental protection

OvM/ECH was able to demonstrate their expertise in more than 300 international projects. Worldwide activities extending from Europe, over to Africa and Asia, and up to North and South America have brought us global recognition.

Our work in recent years has been primarily focused on projects in Central and Eastern Europe. A great unsatisfied demand exists in the areas of energy and environmental engineering. For the time being, we are present in Slovenia, Czechoslovakia, Croatia, Russia, Rumania, Serbia and Bulgaria with branch offices and representatives.

A great number of projects were managed with the support of establishments such as the European Commission, the World Bank, the Credit Institute for Reconstruction and Development or the EBRD.

Numerous other institutions, such as the African Development Bank, the Foundation for Technical Co-operations, the Asian Development Bank and the Federal Ministry for Economy and Development, have accredited our company as an independent consultant.

The global presence of the engineering partners OvM/ECH is shown on the world map below.

Comprehensive information about our international activities can be had upon reguest.


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