Project Assignment
Construction and restoration measures for the old courtyard "Alter Hof" in Munich

State Building Department Munich

General Description
The "Alte Hof", first residence of the Duke of Wittelsbacher in Bavaria, was located at the time of the Middle
Ages within the former stonewall circle of the Welfen principality. This quiet area, direct in the inner city of
Munich and located between City Hall and the National Theater, is surrounded by historic buildings which
are monumentally protected and which serve different purposes.

1. Construction Measures 1996 - 1997
Installation of a modern communication in-house network for language and data transfer in the historic
buildings of the central finance department as part of a complete renovation.

Construction Element of Cost
approximately 7 Mio. DM

Our Services
Planning and consultation
Invitation to tender and assistance with contract awarding

Layout and Design Planning
Installation plan (infrastructure and cable lines)
Telephone and terminal network
EDP network as local area network, LAN (cabling and active components)
230V network extension
Suitable lighting for EDP workstations

2. Construction Measures 1999 - 2001
Reconstruction and changes for utilization of buildings

Construction Element of Cost
approximately 2,6 Mio. DM

Our Services
Performance phases 1 thru 8 according to HOAI

Layout and Design Planning
Redesign of the high-voltage and weak current power systems
Redesign of 7 elevator systems

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