Alter Hof München
Communication network and EDV network

Hilti Deutschland GmbH
Planning and supervision assistance for equipping the administration center.

Krankenhaus am Urban, Berlin
Introduction of a modern need oriented communication structure throughout the hospital

Universitätsklinikum Würzburg
Implementation of an EDP-network infrastructure in a university clinic complex made up of approximately 30 buildings. Planning of a multi-media communication network which can be integrated.

Realization of a global communication network BKU - BüroKommunikation Unternehmensweit der Deutschen Bahn AG

Stadtwerke Rosenheim
Setting up of a city network for the Rosenheim City Department of Works

E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH
Setting up an E-network in Sachsen and Thüringen

BMW AG München
The BMW AG intends to purchase most of the property bordering on their production site in Munich-Milbertshofen, former grounds of the Prinz-Ruprecht barracks, and to develop it for immediate use with a power and communication network.