BMW AG München

Project Assignment
The BMW AG intends to purchase most of the property bordering on their production site in Munich-Milberts-
hofen, former grounds of the Prinz-Ruprecht barracks, and to develop it for immediate use with a power and communication network.

BMW AG Munich

Scope of Processing
power supply stations
information and communication systems

Processing Time

Our Services
The services include the compilation of a concept for power supplying, information and communication sys-
tems, as well as the compilation of all planning documents, invitations to tender, order placements, and site
supervision for the above systems and lines.

Starting Situation
Some of the existing halls on the grounds of the former Prinz-Ruprecht barracks are being leased by the BMW
AG and primarily used for the accommodating of and testing with engine test benches. Since the existing
power and communication networks on these grounds are insufficient in meeting the demands of the BMW
AG, the leased buildings have to be supplied from the bordering property for which a power and communica-
tion network had to be developed.

With this development measure, future supply assurance is guaranteed on these new grounds for the power as well as communication demands of the BMW AG.

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