Project Assignment
Setting up an E-network in Sachsen and Thüringen

E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH (E-Plus mobile radiotelephone service company)

Our Services
Project development
Project management
Engineering and design of sites
Construction supervision

Processing Time

Starting Situation
The E-Plus mobile radiotelephone network is comprised of a three level hierarchy (chain of command). The
places of mobile switching control (MSC) which are distributed throughout Germany and connected with one
another through the bundling of tie lines (leased or private lines) belong to the highest level. By splitting the
previous areas of coverage, it is possible to integrate further mobile switching controls (MSCs). From each
MSC, star-shaped tie lines or directional radio links lead to surrounding base station controls (BSC) which, for
their part, trigger an entire chain of base transceiver stations (BTS). In doing so they are responsible, for
example, for supplying a large metropolitan area or even an entire region.

Contrary to the mobile radiotelephone networks D1 and D2, E-Plus sends with a higher frequency, yet with
a lower power output und consequently, has a shorter range of coverage. Because of the lower transmitting
power of the E-network mobile phones, considerably more transmitting locations have to be installed than
for the D-network cell phones.

The setting up of the network could be carried out with competent serving line partners in record time. OvM
planned for the E-Plus company approximately 280 mobile radio-telephone service locations in Sachsen and

Services included predominantly:
Acquisition and planning of the antenna location sites
Design of the antenna systems
Special designs for individual sites

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