Project Assignment
Setting up of a city network for the Rosenheim City Department of Works

Rosenheim City Department of Works

General Description
Due to its geographical location and the prevailing economic structure, the city is in an advantageous
position. For the further economic development and prosperity of the city, Rosenheim was to be built-up
as the center for information and communication technology in the southeast area of Bavaria.

The project goal was defined in setting up a city network for the establishment of a university, health and
citizen network and with the intent of linking regulatory officials, the industry and trade, as well as, in the
further development of existing networks to form a complete platform for Rosenheim.

Our Services
Invitation to tenders
Site supervision

Comprehensive Processing

Development of service packages for:
Residential building companies
Small-sized companies / Security services
Medium-sized companies
Big businesses
Special applications

Processing Time

Technical Network Concept
Backbone technology
Coupling and access areas
Band widths and interfaces
Telecommunication services
Broad-band cable network coupling

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